Fore name: ..........                                          Nationality: Malian

Last name: ............                                        Profession: language and linguistic teacher, translator;

Sex: male                                                      Address: Kalaban coura, street 190, gate 101 Bamako, Mali;

Birthdate: YYYY / MMM / DD                          Age: 33                                                          

Phone: 00223 ..................................              Town: Bamako

Email: ncidori@yahoo.fr             

Marital status: bachelor.                                      


2012- Master degree (DEA) in linguistics, Faculty of human sciences, University Gaston Berger of Saint Louis, Senegal.

2006- Bachelor degree in English Unilingual, Faculty of Languages, Arts and Social Sciences (FLASH), University of Bamako, Mali;

2005- License degree in English Unilingual, FLASH, University of Bamako, Mali;

2001- Baccalaureate of language and literature, Lycee Dowele Mariko of Dioïla, Mali;

1998- DEF degree (Fundamental School Degree at 9th grade), fundamental school of Banco, Mali;


Bamanankan: speaking – listening - writing (excellent);

French: speaking – listening - writing (excellent);

English: speaking – listening - writing (excellent);

Russian: conversant.


1. Language teaching (2006-2011, in Mali)

Tutor at FLASH, Linguistic Department, University of Bamako:

2013: English course to the students of the linguistic department.

2007-2010: Bamanankan (Bambara) transcription courses to the freshmen of the following branches: social sciences, philosophy and English bilingual;

2009: course of Bamanankan taught as second language to the students in Linguistics License 2;

2007-2009: English teacher at PRODESCO language centre in Sogoniko (English courses to Malian learners, Bamanankan and French courses to Norwegian learners;

2009: Bamanankan teacher at “Ecole Liberté A”, a French school in Bamako.

2. Teaching linguistics

2008-2011: 3 years on temporary contract for teaching the following subjects:

Linguistic terminology in english to DEUG II studentd at FLASH : general linguistics, terminology, phonetics, phonology, morphology and semantic courses.

3. Translating and interpreting (2008-2013, in Mali)

English-French-Bamanankan translator-interpreter: Medicine for Mali NGO (2008-2011, in Mali)

Translator-interpreter of the American NGO « Medicine for Mali » for malaria prevention and for the treatment of many diseases in 8 villages in the south of Mali (both simultaneous and consecutive translation English French Bamanankan during conversations, meetings, assessments, lectures and during the information, education, communication campaigns in those villages);

English-French-Bamanankan translator-interpreter: 500 hundred villages NGO (2010-2011, in Mali)

May 11th to 28th 2010, translating for a group of engineering professors and students about the engineering activities such as: making improved stoves, home energy research, mill research, lighting sources in the villages. That project covers 8 villages. The group of engineers came from the University of Iowa in United States of America.

October 2012: translation for Aga Khan Foundation Mali of the french text « module de formation en nutrition et hygiène/assainissement des relais communautaires » into bamanankan « balodɔn ani saniya/ɲamandalajε bolodasɛbɛn sigidalamɔgɔw ka bolomaanabɔdenw lakalanni kama”.

November 23rd to December 09th, 2011: translation of two epic books from English to Bamanankan for IEP (Popular education Institute) in Kati:

Bamusa the hatseller = Dibirifeere Bamusa, by Baba Wagué Diakité, 15 pages

Donso and the crocodile = Donsokε ni bama, by Baba Wagué Diakité, 15 pages

4. Coordinating language services

2011-2013: language coordinator for the MAKDAS group

The webmail site: www.bataki.org

- Coordinating the syntax of the term used in the site in the following languages: bamanankan, bomu, fulfulde, dɔgɔsɔ, shεnara, sɔŋay, tamasheq, wolof ;

The word processing software: kalimu

- Coordinating the syntax of the term used in the software in the following languages: bamanankan, bomu, fulfulde, dɔgɔsɔ, shεnara, sɔŋay, tamasheq 

Electronical calendar software : TDUK

- Coordinating the syntax of the term used in the software in the following languages: bomu, fulfulde, dɔgɔsɔ, shεnara, sɔŋay, tamasheq

2013: translation of the bamanankan interface of NavexGlobal services

- 6-09-2013 : translation and voice recording from english into bamanankan of 355 words

- 17 09 2013 : translation and voice recording from english into bamanankan of 50 words

5. Competence in writing (2003-2010, in Mali)

- March 2005 to October 2007: joint author in the development of a monolingual electronic dictionary of more than 13.000 entries in Bamanankan with some appendices such as a French-Bamanankan lexicon (10.000 entries www.taki.org), Mali family names (700), bamanan proverbs (1000), bamanan phrases and expressions (500);

- July 2003 to September 2004 Writing articles in the daily newspaper “Nouvel Horizon”;

- 2007: writing the memoir (paper) of the bachelor degree in three different versions: English (imperative version), French and Bamanankan (optional versions);

- 2012: writing the master thesis in two different versions: English (imperative version), Bamanankan (optional versions);

- 2008-2013: 10 written books in Bamanankan that are not yet published (1 novel, 1 research book, 1 history book, 7 epic books which are voice transcriptions).

6. Competence in giving lectures

October 4th 2008: giving a lecture for 45 minutes on the theme “marital status: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate” for more than 100 listeners in the rural municipality of Ndlondougou, Dioila; 

- Giving lecture on the theme « the share of national languages in the socio-economic development process in mali: the experience of functional literacy (balikukalan) in CMDT zones” in front of more than 300 students at FLASH for 3 years;

- Giving lecture with the group MAKDAS (Mali Kanko ni Danbe Se – Mali culture and language promotion) on the promotion of national languages in the following services: department of culture, Balafaseke conservatory, Jamana edition, Radio Kayira, Popular education institute (IEP Kati), FLASH and FAST (Faculty of Science and Techniques) and also during the E-festival editions and Mali technology invention salons.

7.Competence in the conception of glossaries (2008-2011, in Mali)

December 2011: participation in the workshops called “Lexique scientifique du bamanankan: health terminology in bamanankan…” organized by the linguistic department at FLASH.

February 28th, 2008: associate leader in the workshop of harmonizing and validating translated terminologies from French to Bamanankan at Stromme foundation

August 04-10th, 2008: associate leader in the workshop for the conception of a literacy document in Bamanankan and in French on Wale program at STROMME FOUNDATION;

April 28th, 2010: participation in the workshop for the conception of literacy books for popular education institute (IEP) in Kati.

8. Competence in working with computer

a - Training in 3 modules of office automation (Windows Word, Excel, Power point) from February 01st to March 16th 2004 in the informatics room of FLASH

Practice :

Windows Word: general and special typing. Daily treatment of texts in the computer at home or at the office or better during the meetings.

Transcription of epics and writing my own documents (novels, epics, memoires). Home training agent of some brothers and sisters in addition to some of my friends and some students.

Excel: Working with excel calculation files during my research about terminology. Helping the linguistics department of FLASH in typing the student lists and their marks.

Power point : Slide shows and screen illustration for lectures in the following offices : (FLASH, Department of Culture, International Centre for Lecture of Bamako, Balafasseke Conservatory, Jamana Edition)

Internet: receiving and sending messages, research. Group or individual research on the web. From September 2009 to January 2010, hired by the  society MOUSSA BALA FOFANA & SONS to perform the following activities :

- Sending and receiving messages of the society from everywhere in the world.

- Looking for new partner societies on the internet both in English and French. Report about the logistics from the shipping companies.

b - Training in computational linguistics: Informatics applied to Mali national languages from January 10th to 25th 2005 at FLASH done by ACALAN (African Academy for Languages).

c - High level in mastering “MAKDAS” multilingual software and website.


SPORT: athletics and football;

Reading: novels, magazines, tales, biographies, newspapers, documentaries;

Travels: foot, motorbike, bus, boat, plane.

I hereby certify that the information in this curriculum is equal to true.

Reference persons:

Mrs Jill DEVORE (Medicine for Mali)

Phone number:

Email: jill.devore@gmail.com

Dr N’Do CISSE (Chief of the Linguistics department FLASH, University of Bamako, Mali)

Phone number: 00223 73 14 44 35

Email: tapiendo@yahoo.fr

Pr Mamadou F DOUCOURE (instigator of MAKDAS group)

Phone number: 00223 66 76 78 58

Email: mak_email@yahoo.fr // tdukure (bataki.org)

Web references: http://dokotoro.org/issiaka/ // www.bataki.org



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